CNC grinding machine  TTB ECLIPSE enhance our Micro tools capablity

fidelity tools TTB eclipse CNC

In the beginning of 2019, we are very happy to announce that our first TTB eclipse finally arrived. To answer the increasing demand of small size tools in south China, the company decide to invest this machine in 2018, TTB eclipse, compact Precision Grinding Center with dual Grinding Spindles. For dental tools and long neck micro tools, TTB eclipse has the unique advantage.

At the recentest factory where the room temperature and oil temperature are continuously controlled, we are aiming for even higher accuracy and higher quality. With this TTB Eclipse, our production capacity has been further increased, especially it further boasts high dimensional accuracy of of fidelity tools’ micro tools.

fidelity tools TTB eclipse CNC1

Tool data & Technical details and features

Tool data

Min. tool diameter for manufacturing Ø 0.2 mm

Max. tool diameter for manufacturing Ø 12.7 mm

Max. grinding length 200 mm

Max. tool diameter for sharpening Ø 30 mm

Technical details and features

Grinding unit with double spindle:
bottom: roughing spindle 2,000-12,000 rpm / 9.0 Kw
top: finishing spindle 2,000-12,000 rpm / 4.5 kW

Backlash-free linear axes X-Z through hydraulic compensation

Rotary axis B optionally with worm drive or an optional direct drive

Proven kinematics with reliable components

Robot-loader with three pallets, capacity up to 1,628 workpieces depending on diameter

NUM control with NUMROTOplus® software

Extensive range of accessories and special units for flexible expansion options

Application examples

The following tools can be ground or resharpened on the ECLIPSE model:

End Mill Cutters



Form Cutters

Center Drills

Form Reamers

Copy Cutters

Form Drills



Radius End Mills

Deep hole drills


Cutting blades

The CNC grinding machine TTB ECLIPSE is used in the following areas:

Automotive industry

Medical and dental industry


Precision mechanics

Watch industry

Electronics industry


Metal industry

Chemical and textile industry

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