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5×D Straight Flute Carbide Drills

5×D Straight Flute Carbide Drills2022-12-27T04:21:08+00:00

Fidelity Tools’s Straight Flute Carbide Drills 5×D Drills uncoated coolant through series covers a diameter range from 3.1–20mm and provides 5xD drilling capability

The rigid straight flute design of the Fidelity Straight Flute Carbide Drills provides straight and accurate hole locations with excellent surface quality. Coolant fed for high penetration rates in deep hole applications, the Straight Flute Carbide Drills is designed to cut short chipping materials such as cast aluminum (greater the 10% silicon content), cast iron and short chipping brass.

Straight Flute Carbide Drills 5×D Drills Ideal for drilling steel, cast steel, cast iron, titanium and nickel alloy .


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