Fidelity tools have stcok for standard 3D 5D & 7D twsit drills. biesdes, we offer customiezd step drills and other customiezed drills for special application.  please send your inquiry about  your application like manchine type, materails, hole finsih requirment and hole depth etc

5xD drills from 2mm-20mm

Shop 5D twsit drills 2-20mm

3xD drills from 2mm-20mm

Shop 3D drills 2-20mm

5xD straight flute drills 3-20mm

fidelity straight flute carbide drills 5×D Drills uncoated
Shop 5xd straight flute drills 3-20mm

7xD drills 4-20mm

Shop 7xD straight flute drills 4-20mm

customized drills & steps drills

Fidelity tools solid carbide drills with coolant
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